About SPIN

The Sustainability Professionals Institute of Nigeria (SPIN) is a non-profit organisation established in August 2019 to redefine and improve the practice and profession of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Nigeria.

In order to set standards for professional ethics, drive best practices and long-term thinking amongst individuals and businesses, the SPIN was established to promote issues of sustainable development in Nigeria and boost the country’s profile as a leading sustainability-focused economy.

As an institute seeking to redefine the practice of corporate responsibility as well as economic, environmental, social, and governance practices in Nigeria, the SPIN is a platform for professionals at all levels in the country. Accordingly, this platform will provide easy access to resources required to build capacity so as to transform businesses and the private sector through networking, certification and advocacy.

Our vision

Set standards for and professionalise sustainability practice in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Facilitate and engage for the delivery of standards and professional services in sustainability.


1. Be the the umbrella body for CSR & Sustainability professionals in Nigeria.

2. Set the standard for CSR and sustainability practice in Nigeria.

3. Build capacity amongst sustainability professionals in the private and public sectors through certification, knowledge sharing and peer learning.

4. Promote professionalism amongst members.

5. Increase awareness of sustainable development best practices in order to advance sustainability within organisations.

6. Facilitate collaboration and partnership amongst professionals for greater reach and impact.

7. Unify the diverse group of sustainability professionals under a singular umbrella.