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Membership Categories

There are four categories of membership at the Sustainability Professionals Institute of Nigeria (SPIN).

This category is for persons currently undergoing undergraduate or graduate studies in courses or research areas related to sustainability from any recognised tertiary institution. For an individual to be accepted into the Institute as a Student Member, s/he must provide their student identification card or transcript.

  •   Must currently be undergoing either undergraduate or graduate study related to sustainability at the time of registration
  •   Must be able to provide a student identification card or transcript
  •   Must be willing to participate in the Institute’s sustainability courses.
  •   Should have 0-2 years sustainability experience

Membership Fee – FREE (no membership fee; only induction fees apply)

Induction Fee: N20,000

This category is for young professionals who have developed interest in or passion for sustainability and are working as sustainability officers/associates/coordinators, with zero to four years relevant working experience; those who have completed diplomas, degree or graduate courses related to sustainability – Geography, Social Studies, Environmental Management, Risk Management, Economics, etc, in any recognised tertiary institution and those who have reasonable working experience but have just been assigned sustainability duties within their respective organisation. See our Learning and Development process to see progression through to other levels of membership.

  • Must be employed as a sustainability professional or working in a sustainability-focused organisation
  • Must be in full time employment at the time of registration
  • May have 0 to 4 years sustainability experience
  • Must have demonstrated strong interest and passion for sustainability
  • Must be available to support SPIN’s course, including as a volunteer Must be available to perform functions and assigned tasks regularly.
  • Must have 2 to 4 years sustainability experience

Membership Fee – N50,000

Induction Fee: N50,000

This category is for experienced sustainability professionals from business, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), philanthropic organisations, academia, government and other related fields, with over five years’ experience, whose work include the advancement of sustainability, development, human resource management, governance and the environment, or who are passionate about sustainability and have demonstrated strong commitment to fostering sustainable development in Nigeria.

  •   Minimum of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent or higher degrees
  •   Evidence of contribution to the development of sustainability in Nigeria
  •   At least 5 years’ experience as a sustainability professional
  •   Must have proven contribution to the development of sustainability in Nigeria
  •   Must have proof of support towards the development of sustainability in his/her organisation
  •   Must be a recognised professional in the sustainability vocation
  •   Must take one SPIN Continuous Practitioner Development course.

Membership Fee – N80,000

Induction Fee: N50,000

Fellowship is the most senior membership category and would be bestowed on an individual who has made immense contribution, provided exceptional service, had outstanding achievement, demonstrated distinguished commitment to the development of sustainability and who will further SPIN’s course, or in Nigeria. This category is instituted to encourage individuals to promote sustainability in Nigeria. A Fellow would have at least ten years of experience in sustainability-related positions with leadership in sustainability for at least 5 years, and should have written publicly available thought leadership articles.

In addition to the Fellow by application, there will be Honourary Fellowship awarded to distinguished professionals who have contributed significantly to sustainability efforts in Nigeria. Honourary Fellowship will be conferred via invitation, only. 

  •   Proof of exceptional service and outstanding competence in sustainability practice in Nigeria
  •   At least 10 years’ experience as a sustainability professional; at least 8 years if PhD in relevant area
  •   Must be a recognized leader in the sustainability profession
  •   Must have worked and known to have made significant contributions to promoting sustainability over a reasonable period of time
  •   Must have contributed to the development of sustainability in Nigeria
  •   Must have made substantial contribution to the advancement of sustainability in Nigeria and beyond
  •   Minimum of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  •   Must go through a peer review of industry professionals for admissions
  •   Honorary Fellows only pay induction fees – with no membership fees – upon joining and then pay annual fees subsequently. Honorary Fellows are welcome to make a contribution to the sustainable development).

Membership Fee – N150,000
Induction Fee: N100,000


» Names of Members, membership benefits and obligations shall be published on SPIN’s website. By applying for membership, a Member is deemed to have accepted the obligations associated with membership.

» Membership can be withdrawn if Member fails to renew payment the following year on or before 31st March.

» Membership can be suspended if Member no longer meets criteria or support the aims and vision of SPIN. The Board of Directors shall state the length of the suspension and what requirements the suspended member will need to satisfy to regain admission.

» Members who no longer wish to retain membership may withdraw by sending in a written notification of cancellation to the President.

» Membership may be cancelled by the Board of Directors if it considers that a Member no longer meets the criteria for membership, or fails to support the aims and objectives of SPIN. Where there is a suspension, the Board of Directors shall state the length of the suspension and what requirements the suspended member will need to satisfy to regain admission.

» Induction for 2021 will happen only once, but in subsequent years, induction will happen twice – every May and November. Members may apply and be accepted throughout the year once the criteria have been met but will wait for the next available induction for formal acknowledgement. The membership fee will be for a full year regardless of when a member joins.